We are producing citrus Valldigna, a beautiful valley in the heart of Valencia, in a privileged area for growing oranges.

It is no coincidence that we carry over a century cultivating the best oranges. We are small producers, and we are confident that what really matters is the quality of the product that you will consume, both organically grown oranges as conventional farming. We also believe that natural is always best.

Therefore our oranges do not undergo any treatment with chemicals after harvesting.

We want to eliminate intermediaries to reduce energy consumption and that consumers do not suffer unnecessary cost increases.

We also want to reach consumers farm products, fresh and freshly harvested without detracting from its organoleptic properties. Therefore our oranges, picked from the tree once, be on your table in less than 24 hours.

On this page you can see where are located our fields. If you want to visit the fields where oranges are grown has decided to purchase, do not hesitate to contact us through the website. We are happy to receive your visit.

Valle de la Valldigna