When will my order arrive?

To deliver your purchase and guarantee freshness of the product, orders placed from Monday to Wednesday before 15:00h will arrive within a maximum 48 hours to your home.

The orders placed from Wednesday at 15:00h until Sunday at 15:00h, Monday will be drawn up for delivery on Tuesday.

¿Can I return my order if something isn't right?

Our product will arrive with all its freshness to your home so you can make the most of their properties. We're so confident in our product and our distribution system we are confident that everything will run smoothly. However, you can exercise your right to claim and return within 24 hours after receipt of order. You can go to our contact section to communicate any questions or suggestions.

What does it happen if I'm not at home when the delivery arrives?

Nothing happens, if you are absent at the time of delivery, we will contact you and arrange delivery again when you're available without any cost.

Freshness guarantee

The freshness guarantee on our products is supported by our system work. Once you perform the order, we elaborate your box with freshly harvested this way we make products that the time since the product is picked from the tree until it reaches your house as little as possible, keeping the freshness and their properties intact.